Lighting Maintenance


We offer our customers a complete package of outdoor lighting services, including lamps and ballasts replacement, cleaning, and painting, sand blasting, ciment base repairs...

Indoor Lighting Maintenance

15 years ago we started changing the ballasts today and after 500 000 ballasts replaced

We can say... We know the job! Leaders in this market in Canada, we have successfully completed nationwide projects from, Vancouver to Halifax and from Québec city to Yellow Knife.
If there are ballasts that need to be retrofitted.... We are the team to choose.

We help engineers and specifiers chose the right product, prepare plans, we signed up many nationwide agreements with stores, banks building management.

Years after years, we managed to keep our customers by offering them the right solution for their needs!





Energy Efficiency and Retrofit Solutions

In Canada, we are major players in lighting retrofit solutions, in schools, plants, hotels and office buildings.
If you have a project we can help you realise it.In a lot of situation customers that had chosen our services ... refer us new customers
Don’t settle for less expects the best from Litepro!

Many of our projects in Québec and Ontario are used as models to develop a strategy for customers. We offer more green efficient solutions today... than ever before. We recycle old lamps and ballast to help creating a safe environment for the future.

We offer our customers to survey the projects, doing all the maths about the pay back. We help them in financing and also for applying for incentives. A retrofit is good only if it fits your needs.

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Street Lighting Maintenance

Litepro participate for years now in refurbishing and improving street lighting in Canada from Montréal to Toronto and even in the USA.... We have the solution for your needs.

We offer different type of services starting by lamps replacement painting etc. and up to replacing the whole pole.

In the past few years we made few partnerships with manufacturers so we can help customers convert their lighting to LED or other energy efficient products and solutions.


Parking Lot Lignting Services

Contracts are also offered on all type of lighting according to the life time of the components.

Each customer has his own needs defined by the type of lighting installed in his property. We offer him the best solutions for his needs.

Since 2005 we a offer also full project management including excavation, wiring, etc... So that customers who are looking to redo their parking lot can rely on someone who knows the business.

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